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Better Pay and Redundancy at Woolies DC in SA

The SDA is proud to have negotiated a new Woolworths ARDC Agreement in South Australia, which contains considerable improvements to workers’ pay and conditions.

Under the new Agreement, Woolies DC workers will retain many of their current conditions and will also receive the following improvements including:

  • Yearly wage increases
  • Improved allowances
  • Improved redundancy

Better Wages
Under the new Agreement, Woolworths DC workers will receive a regular pay rises over the next 4 years, which will make them amongst the highest paid DC workers in SA.

Their pay rises will now be paid in August of each year after, instead of November.

This change means that workers will have more money in their pockets and will be better off over the next 4 years.

Improved Redundancy
Under the new Agreement, Woolworths DC workers can now access up to 52 weeks of redundancy pay.

This is a considerable improvement on the previous Agreement, which offered workers a maximum of 40 weeks of redundancy pay.

Improved Allowances
The new Agreement also secures increases to several allowances including the supervision allowance, first aid allowance, meal allowance and motor vehicle allowances.

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