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Demanding Fair Wages at ALM Gepps Cross

Following extensive negotiations, 3 days of strike action and a visit from Thirsty the Camel, ALM workers in South Australia have voted up a new Agreement securing better pay and conditions.

While negotiations began in October 2017, SDA SA/NT Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says that bargaining was brought to a standstill in April due to an inadequate wage offer by the Company.

“Throughout negotiations, the Company refused to acknowledge the hard work of their employees and would not offer them a real pay rise,” says Josh.

To combat this, SDA members took strike action in July and August to send a clear message to
the Company: their offer was not good enough.

“The decision to strike was not taken lightly but Metcash is one of Australia’s largest and most profitable companies and were simply not listening to workers’ demands,” says Josh.

As a result of this, the Company was finally prepared to sit down and put forth a wage offer that workers could accept.

Along with improved wages, ALM workers will also receive a range of new rights under the new Agreement including:

  • The right to 2 days of personal leave without the need for a medical certificate
  • The establishment of a joint consultative committee
  • Increase in minimum shift length to 4 hours for casuals
  • The right to convert to permanent work after 12 months of casual work

“These results show just how powerful workers can be when they stand together with their union and fight back,” says Josh.

The Agreement has now been submitted to the Fair Work commission for approval.

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